I have a serious problem which, at the moment, has me totally baffled.

I wrote an industrial application a couple of years ago that used Excel 97 to collate data every 10 minutes from another application via a DDE link.
Using VBA code in Excel 97 I set up 'OnTime' schedules to occur every 10 minutes to retrieve the data via DDE and store it to a worksheet - at the end of the day, the work sheet is printed and saved to a file. The last schedule event is set at time 00:01 which then re-ran the code that set-up the schedules to continue data collection on the next day. This worked perfectly and has done so ever since.

I have now tried to set up the same system, only using the later version office 2000.

It works fine for the first day, collecting data every 10 minutes and storing it as required. HOWEVER - on the second day, after the scheduled times have been set up again, it performs all tasks twice! i.e. every 10 minutes as scheduled, it runs the required code module and then immediately runs the code module again, thereby storing two lots of data for the same time. If I use break points and try to step through to de-bug it, the code works perfectly!

I cannot simulate the fault in a debug environment as this makes the code work perfectly!

Anybody with any ideas?

Many thanx.