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    Index Columns (MS Word 97)

    I just set up an individual Index File that I can use to generate an Index after I finish writing a book.

    I am using RD Fields and setting up each chapter in its own file.

    I created the Index File and setup the styles..etc..
    I marked several Index entries in one of the chapter files to test it.

    Here's the Question:
    I want to have Group Separators in the Index and also
    2 columns per page like the follwoing:
    A C
    alpha character
    agro collect


    I tryed 2 ways to generate the Index:

    Method 1 In the Index File I went to Insert Index and Tables - chose Classic Format because it has Group Separators - and 2 columns

    The Index generated but all the fonts, indents etc. were different than my Style Settings - It seems if you use the Classic Format it has its own default settings.

    So after the Index is generated I have to Reformat the fonts and indents for the whole Index - so that method failed.

    Method 2 - Instead of Classic - I chose Insert Field All
    Index - using the h "A" switch - the result:

    The Group Separators, Fonts, indents all came out perfect -but now the Index is only 1 Column per page - I need 2 Columns per Page. - How Do I format the Index to be 2 Columns per Page? You Should use Styles for all your Formatting and avoid Direct Formatting when possible.

    Do I need to create a Column Style and then make it an AutoText List Entry or just Direct Formatting?

    What's the procedure?

    Thanks much.

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    Re: Index Columns (MS Word 97)

    There are a number of answers to Steve's question posted in the formatting.longdocuments on the MS newsgroups.
    Charles Kyle Kenyon
    Madison, Wisconsin

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