I'm going through that agonizing job of migrating my prime system from Office 2000 on an old box to Office XP on a new one. This rock has really got me stumped...

In Outlook I successfully set the Address Book to default to "Contacts". However, when I finally found how to put an Address Book Icon on the toolbar (hidden under Customize|Insert...), the darn thing opens with "Show Names from the: "Outlook Address Book" with no entries 'cause there isn't any such book...

I then have to click the down arrow and select "Contacts".

I can't find any way to eliminate the Outlook Address Book "hook", or at least change the preference order. What am I missing or is there a registry hack?



Edit: Now it's working OK. Both Contacts and Outlook Address Book are in the drop-down window, but the default is now Contacts, which is what I wanted!!! Must have been something to do with closing and reopening (with a save of normal.dot in there,,,,). <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15>