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    Exchange server unable to deliver mail

    We have MS BackOffice with MS exchange server pre-installed. The ISP routes all the mail to the MS exchange. We have a permanent connection to the Internet via ISDN.
    Every thing was working fine, but after an unexpected shutdown of the server, we start have experiencing problems.
    all incoming disappears somewhere. I do not know where?????
    Keep in mind that mails are not stored on the ISP mail server. Once the ISP mail server receives any message sent to i.e, it routes the mail to our exchange server, but as I mentioned it disappears.
    Checking the event viewer, I can see that POP3 connector is causing problems
    I have disabled the POP3 so no mail is lost and I retrieve mails manually (this is temporary solution so no mail is lost)

    Here are the Events ID

    1. ID: 12203 Source: POP3 connector Category: Routing [An error occurred in SMTP delivery agent while sending message. The error is 0
    2. ID: 12083 Source: POP3 Connector Category: Delivery [SMTP failed to get the routing table from the message. The error is 0x80030109

    Sending mail via the ex-change server is OK
    Internally, mail can be sent and received.

    There was disk space problem on the Server, as I had to free some space to re-start MTA

    Any help is appreciated

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    Re: Exchange server unable to deliver mail

    look in the queue or badmail directories on the hard drive - they should be under exchsrv directory. the files you find can be read using notepad.

    you can aslo search the drive for files dated between the period when the connector wasn't working.

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