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    Mail Merge Issues (Access 97 - Word 2000)

    Access 97 SR2 and Word 2000 SR2 are giving me this error: 'Word could not merge the main document with the data source because the data records were empty or no data records matched your query options.'

    Even though I know the data records are not empty and that the query is correct, I still get this error.

    Is this a known compatability 'feature' between 97 and 2000?
    Has anyone else experienced this error?

    Thanks much for your assistance.


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    Re: Mail Merge Issues (Access 97 - Word 2000)

    What exactly are you trying to do? Are you using Access as a data source for a mailmerge done in Word? Are you trying to automate a Word mail merge from Access? Where are the query options coming from? Is the datasource an Access parameter query?

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    Re: Mail Merge Issues (Access 97 - Word 2000)

    I haven't tried to do what you are asking about, but I'm not surprised that it's giving you trouble. We've seen a number of strange behaviors when using Access 97 tables with Access 2K front-ends. I would guess that Word may not be dealing with the the Access 97 data correctly. On the other hand, if you have a parameter query, that could be a source of trouble. Also, if your Access 97 database is secured (you get a login prompt), Word often tries to start another instance of Access when you initiate a merge. Finally, does your Access application have Microsoft Access in the title bar? If not, that will also cause Word to start another copy of your application. Hope one or more of these is useful.

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