I use the following to open up a drop down list with all the names. I need to be able to select several of them at one time and move them to a second box. From this second box I hope to store them in a different database. Either in a memo box or a list box.

Any ideas?

Function Item_Open()
Dim rst1
Dim dao
Dim wks
Dim db
Dim nms
Dim fld
Dim itms
Dim itm
Dim strAccessDir
Dim objAccess
Dim CategoryArray(99, 2)
Dim CustomerArray(99, 2)

'Pick up path to Access database directory from Access SysCmd function
Set objAccess = Item.Application.CreateObject("Access.Application" )
strDBName = ("remitsremit10.mdb")
'MsgBox "DBName: " & strDBName

'Set up reference to Access database
Set dao = Application.CreateObject("DAO.DBEngine.36")
Set wks = dao.Workspaces(0)
Set db = wks.OpenDatabase(strDBName)


'Gift2U Area Code 1
'Retrieve Category info from table
Set rst2 = db.OpenRecordset("Areas")
Set ctl = Item.GetInspector.ModifiedFormPages("Message").Con trols("cboarea1")
'The above is the name of the form and not the name of the tab
ctl.ColumnCount = 2
ctl.ColumnWidths = "50; 120 pt"

'Assign Access data to an array of 2 columns and 2000 rows
CategoryArray(99, 2) = rst2.GetRows(2000)
ctl.Column() = CategoryArray(99, 2)