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    How to create a USB recovery drive for Win 7

    How do I create a USB flash drive recovery drive for Win 7?.
    OS Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit. (Intel Core i7 7700 Kaby Lake Processor -Asus B150 Pro (LGA1151) Motherboard-GTX550 Ti DirectCU Graphics Card-Memory 16 GB DDR4)

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    I would try the utility Rufus together with the appropriate Windows 7 ISO file.

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    +1 for rufus. Simple, portable, & easy to use.

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    There is a HUGE difference between a Recovery Disk (or drive) and a RE-Install disk.

    If you want to recover your C: drive to the way is was before an Event corrupted it, you will have to use a Backup Program that you can run from either a CD or Flash drive. Then you will need to run that Backup program to either make a CLONE copy of your main drive to another drive of equal or greater size.... Or you can also make a compressed Backup Image of the C: drive, which you can then restore, after booting up with your Recovery CD.

    If you just do a RE-Install, it will erase your HD and perform a NEW install of the OS. Probably NOT what you would want to do.
    I would think you would want to just restore your HD to a time when everything was working properly.

    I do various backups of my own C: drive. 1: I make a compressed Backup Image File of my C: drive and store it to an External 1TB drive, at least once a week.
    2: While I'm doing my weekly backups, I also make a CLONE copy of my main HD, to another hard drive. In fact I do that to TWO different Hard Drives. (just for safety).

    Remember this: "The only bad backup is the one that you decided NOT to make."
    The more backups you make, the better chance you have of saving your OS, Programs, and important data.

    If my main SSD drive shoots craps, I can quickly connect to one of my CLONES and be back up and running in less than five minutes.

    Cheers Mates!
    The Doctor
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    Backup! Backup! Backup! GHOST Rocks!

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    To add to what Dr. Who said above:

    Generally, the backup program you use will allow you to create a recovery disk, which is an emergency boot disk for use if your hard drive crashes. The recovery disk can usually be a flash drive or a CD/DVD. This recovery disk is a bootable copy of the backup program. You boot with it, and it loads a copy of the backup program. This allows you to install a new, blank hard drive in the computer, load the backup program from the recovery disk, and then restore the backup you made to the new disk.

    Macrium Reflect Free is the program that I and others here at WSL use.

    So what you should do is:
    * Install and run your backup software.
    * Create a recovery disk (or two).
    * Make a good image backup (or two) to an external hard drive.
    * Unplug the external hard drive, to keep it safe.

    You will now be ready if your hard drive crashes, or if any other emergency occurs.

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