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    Capturing Project Events

    Is it possible to capture and override events other than the limited 'BeforeSave()', 'BeforeClose()', etc.? I want to be able to grab events like FileSave, EditCut, and others. I realize that you can reassign different macros to menu objects, but I need to able to capture these events on the vb side of things.

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    Re: Capturing Project Events

    Project 2000 offers a whole bunch of events for you to use. The items below were pasted directly from the help file within Project 2000. Take a look there. You should be able to do most of what you are looking for.

    Good luck.

    Rich P.

    Application object events

    Application events occur when a project is created. To write event procedures for the Application object, you must create a new object using the WithEvents keyword in a class module. For more information, see Using events with the Application object.

    NewProject ProjectBeforeResourceDelete
    pjevtProjectBeforeAssignmentChange ProjectBeforeResourceNew
    ProjectBeforeAssignmentDelete ProjectBeforeSave
    ProjectBeforeAssignmentNew ProjectBeforeTaskChange
    ProjectBeforeClose ProjectBeforeTaskDelete
    ProjectBeforePrint ProjectBeforeTaskNew
    ProjectBeforeResourceChange ProjectCalculate

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