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    Paste Special / Formulas (XL97)

    Maybe I am missing something... I have a rather large spreadsheet that I want to copy the formulas from and put them on a new spreadsheet. I highlight the whole spreadsheet (button in upper left corner) and then right click in the spreadsheet and select "Copy." I then select my next entire worksheet and right click in the worksheet and do Paste Special / Formulas. However... Excel pastes formulas AND values. Is this normal or is there something set that I am missing that would cause this? I can provide an example if it would be helpful. Thanx In Advance.


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    Re: Paste Special / Formulas (XL97)

    Dennis, for the purposes of paste special formulas, Excel considers a formula to be whatever you have entered into the cells, both constants and formulas. For paste special values, it is what you see on the sheet, ie the constants and evaluated formulas as you have them formatted.

    If you really want to just copy the formulas, do the copy & paste special formulas just as you said. Then while the new cells are still selected, do an Edit | GoTo | Special | Constants, and press the delete key to clear the contents of these cells.

    Another tip, while these newly cleared cells are selected, you can enter data with the Enter or Tab key and Excel will navigate to the next selected cell. You can even enter the same constant in every cell by typing the constant and then pressing <Ctrl><Enter> HTH --Sam
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