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    Shortcut Keys

    I just got a new computer and have Office 2000. I went to create shortkeys to word, excel, etc. (Ctrl+alt+[letter]) and it will not let me edit the shortcut key box in the Properties dialog box. Anyonw know how to correct that????


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    Re: Shortcut Keys

    Hi Brian:
    The icons that come with Office should be replaced. Open Explorer & navigate to Windows/StartMenu/Programs. Find the shortcut icons for Word, Excel, Access, etc. & delete them (you'll recognize them as they are 3KB in size). Then do a find (click the taskbar & press F3) for winword.exe, Excel.exe, Msaccess.exe, & any other office program (except Outlook). Then right drag each of these applications either to the desktop or somewhere in the start menu or its subfolders. Choose create shortcut. Then you should be able to go to the Property sheet, go to the shortcut tab & create your shortcut keys.

    As I recall, you can use Alt+Ctrl or Alt+Shift combinations.

    Hope this helps.

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