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    DateFormat, Australia,Textboxes

    I'm having trouble getting dd/mm/yy format to be accepted in a text box. Help says the format is according to the Setup Locale, which (for Australia) is 'dd/MM/yy'. If I enter a date into a text box on a form, Excel is inconsistent. It DOESN'T recognise the locale format properly, because if I enter 10/12/01 as 10th december 2001, it converts it to 12/10/01 and the worksheet (where the textbox content is pasted) tells me 12th october 2001. If I enter 12/15/01 Excel sets date to 12/15/01, and acknowledges 15th dec., and if I type 12/11/01 Excel sets 11th december, but these are all mm/dd/yy formats. How can I set the textbox format to accept dd/mm/yy entries?

    Thanks in advance for any interest in this. I'm trying to wean a customer off my skills, but need to fix this first!!


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    Re: DateFormat, Australia,Textboxes


    Try formatting the date from the textbox in a format which Excel find unambiguous:

    cells(1,1) = Format(TextBox1.Value, "dd/MMM/YYYY")
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    Re: DateFormat, Australia,Textboxes

    Thank you, that looks just the ticket, there are so many VBA possibilities to learn. I'll file that one away.

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