We' ve a problem with our switch office 97 -> office 2000!
Normally we load our username8.xlb from our server and if the user changed his settings in his command-bar the changes are stored in username8.xlb on the server. (We changed the path to server in the user registry key CmdBarFile).
In office 2000 the CmdBarFile-Value don't work (cause the registry-key-structure has changed?).
If the user starts his Excel the username8.xlb starts from server (the logon-script patched the registry AltStartup-Entry e. g. the grouppolicy-entry).
If you change your command-bar and close Excel, the changes are stored in the local excel.xlb-File in the local user-directory and not <img src=/S/frown.gif border=0 alt=frown width=15 height=15> in the server-directory (like Office 97)!

We tested the path-patches with logon-scripts and grouppolicies!

Any idea?