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Thread: Upgrading (2.0)

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    Upgrading (2.0)

    I have started the process of upgrading my OLD 2.0 databases to 2000.
    Right now I am just doing it privately before I go global.

    I have a couple of general questions.

    1. I have read Woody's Office Watch and he recommends 2000 over XP. Do you all agree?

    2. I remember the ads in the WOW for I went there and they only have prices for XP. Where can I get a good buy on 2K? ( if 2k is for me)

    2b. Are licenses the way to go? Or if I get a good deal, just buy what I need. I will need about 25 copies.



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    Re: Upgrading (2.0)

    Office 2000 Developer is available on abay at the moment, for reasonable pricing.

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    Re: Upgrading (2.0)

    These are the opinions of one developer, so you will undoubtedly get other responses with different perspectives, so with that caveat:
    1. <LI> The advantage you have with 2000 over XP is that it has had two years of use by a large developer base to wring out the serious bugs and functional problems. On the other hand, XP appears to be pretty stable as long as you aren't trying to switch back and forth between 2000 and XP. I've been using Office XP on my primary workstation for about 6 months, and aside from some issues between Word and Access when doing mail merges to a secured database, and the 2000/XP compatibility issues, I feel pretty comfortable with XP. If you were already on 2000, there would be no compelling reasons to upgrade for most applications. However since you are starting from version 2.0, I would lean toward XP if you don't have to worry about the issues I noted. (I haven't installed the SP for Office XP, and it may be that some of my issues have been resolve, though MS documentation doesn't indicate that.)
      <LI>You will have a challenge trying to find 25 copies of 2000 - you might be able to find used versions but there is considerable doubt as to whether Microsoft would treat that as legal software. I think licenses is the right way to go.
      <LI>Most of the larger (legitimate) dealers should be able to get you license packes for Office XP at a cheaper price than you can buy boxed software. An additional advantage to taking that route is that you avoid some of the registration issues that have been noted with XP. You should probably get the copy you intend to use to install for all the workstations through the same source so you get a version that doesn't insist on misbehaving during registration.
    Hope you find this useful.

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