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    Black square in selection bar

    When in "show paragraph markers mode" (is there a technical name for this mode?) in Word 2000, many of my paragraphs display a small black square to the left (in the "selection bar" area).

    Anyone know what these black square indicates?

    Any idea where in the MS documentation this is discussed? (Any idea why MS makes it so darn hard to find info on their own user interface?![img]/w3timages/icons/scream.gif[/img])

    I thought it meant that the paragraph was not based exactly on the Normal paragraph style, but this is not it (alas, that would be useful).

    It seems to mean "this paragraph's style is not the same as what MS defines as the default Normal style in Word, but has nothing to do with how you have defined the Normal style in this document"![img]/w3timages/icons/nuts.gif[/img]

    It's one thing to not ship software with manuals... it's another thing to not even document the user interface.[img]/w3timages/icons/dragon.gif[/img]

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    Re: Black square in selection bar

    I believe that you will see this square block to the left of the page in the style column (in the normal view) when a paragraph has a style setting requiring the 'Print view' mode to make any changes to this paragraph.[img]/w3timages/icons/thinks.gif[/img]

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    Re: Black square in selection bar

    Hi Robert:

    I don't know a technical name for the show/hide button. It's just the option to display hidden text, as far as I know.

    The black boxes appear whenever Format/Paragraph/line & page breaks tab has checkmarks by anything other than widow/orphan control or don't hyphenate; i.e. it shows the paragraph has "keep with next", "page break before", or "keep lines together".

    Hope this helps.

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