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    File is being used by...error (Word 97)

    I have many users who when opening a Word 97 file they receive the following error:-

    File is being used by (username) would you like to make a copy?

    When we say no it does open the document, but the error does come up all the time. It happens on documents that reside both over the network and on the local machine.
    The file is not being used by the user or anyone else, and is not shared. All the users have the same spec machines (NT 4 Sp 6), and not all the users are receiving the error in question.

    I have tried un-installing/re-installing & have the latest service packs on & I am running out of ideas.

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    Re: File is being used by...error (Word 97)

    1. If multiple users are opening the same document, you'll get that message. You can't have everyone editing the same document at the time. Just imagine the confusion if it were possible, text disappearing while you're trying to edit or add, text being added while...well, you get the picture.

    2. When Word opens a file, it creates an owner file that is named ~$Filename.doc, where "filename" is the actual filename. If Word crashes, these files are often left around. The next time you try to open the file, you'll get that message. To avoid this, you must delete the temp files. Do the following, after closing Word:

    1. Click an empty spot on the taskbar & press F3.
    2. Make sure that the look in box is your primary hard drive & that "include subfolders" is ticked.
    3. Type


    in the "named" box & search.

    Then delete everything that you find.

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