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    Want to combine 2 types of network

    We have a home network with Cat 5 wire and a hub connecting 3 rooms in our house. I would like to be able to network a laptop and another computer that would be in rooms without the Cat 5 wire. What would be the best way to add these computers to our network?
    We only have a dial up connection but the main reason I would like to add the computers is for print and file sharing. Running Cat 5 wire to the other rooms is not an option I want to use at this time.

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    Re: Want to combine 2 types of network

    I am presuming that the only systems that will be in the "added" room are the two unconnected systems. If they are in a room with 1 Cat 5 , I would buy a inexpensive hub and attach all in the room to that hub. If there is nothing in the room there are several options that you can try and one that I recommend. First my recommendation. Wireless! 802.11b! I love 3Com but Linksys is supposed to be very good.
    Now if you have phone jacks in the room there were kits available to create a phone LAN. Sorry I cannot tell you off the cuff but I think Linksys ( used to make a kit and so did Intel ( These connections are about 1 MB/s.
    Another alternative that I have never tried is through you wall power sockets. Intelogis ( ?) used to make a kit. I have seen it in action a couple of years ago but was not impressed by the possible problems.
    Finally, As much as I hate giving $ to Micro$oft. "This Wired Home" by Microsoft is an excellent resource.

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