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    Typing on form scanned to Word (Word 2002 Office XP)

    First time so sorry if this has been covered recently. I have been wanting to scan some forms
    into Word to fill them out. They scan easily (I'm told grey scale saves scanner life) or a part of the
    scanner into Word--it's on the pulldown menu but then I can't connect the keyboard to the document.
    Document is listed when I open Word and I could do different things to the document as far as sending
    that Word allows but I can't do the basic typing onto the form. I have tried Word Help; HP site; HP book;
    scanner help and am looking through Word books incl. Woody's Que book.

    Also when I turn on the scanner button the pulldown menu offers me three options: 1) Scanner
    and Camera Wizard 2) Microsoft Office Document Imaging 3) Microsoft Word
    I'm not sure of the difference between MS Doc Imaging and MS Word's options.

    Thanks much (this is so basic I must be missing an easily findable menu in Word; I can't find a
    mouseover that helps me on the toolbar to do this.

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    Re: Typing on form scanned to Word (Word 2002 Office XP)

    I understand now I have to use an OCR appliciation like Omniform, or Versiform.


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