We have created a batch file that calls the setup.exe file from an Office XP Standard/Pro CD and then applies a transform command that references an MST file created with the Custom Installation Wizard (CIW). The MSI file used is from the CD, not an administrative installation point.

When running the setup batch file the upgrade from Office 97 to Office XP goes smoothly and all the applications open properly. The problem is that some of the settings that were put into the MST file don't get applied. I set the recently used file list for all applications to 8. Word is ok but Excel and PowerPoint are set at the default of 4. I set all the applictions to NOT open the task pane when starting the applications. Word and Excel work properly but PowerPoint still has the task pane open when you start it.

Has anybody else experienced this incomplete application of MST settings? There doesn't seem to be any consistency as to what doesn't get set.

Thanks in advance.