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    Outlook 98 unable to print html files to HP4010TN (8.5.5104.6)

    My users are getting confirmation documents but they arrive in HTML format. The bios on and drivers on the NT4 printer servers are all up to date. The printer will print normal documents ok but when any html document from outlook is printing the printer que show printing/spooling. Nothing happens and all documents after it can not print.


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    Re: Outlook 98 unable to print html files to HP4010TN (8.5.5104.6)

    I believe Outlook uses IE to print HTML messages. What version(s) of IE do your users use and are there any differences between the different versions? If this is Windows 98, are the users getting spool32 errors? The behavior sounds similar (except that the application trying to print usually is locked up after such an error). If all else fails, try rolling a user back to an HP4 driver and see if that works. Some new driver features might be lost, but probably nothing really important.

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