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    Reinstall question (Access 97)

    Now that I can get into Access, thanks to the useful feedback from Woody's loungers, I get an argument about the Help function and the Database Documenter functions not being available due to an Access or Windows 95 installation problem. My Word and Excel Help work ok, so upon attempting to reinstall Access from the Office 97 CD, I became queasy when the screen said I had elected to uninstall some programs. Specifically, as I chose Access and the Help or Advanced Wizard sub-selections, I got this warning that I had elected to uninstall 5 applications (the ones I don't have to do anything about) when I returned to the other window, and selected Continue.
    My question is: are they really going to uninstall that stuff, or is that just boilerplate? If true, how do I get the CD to just re-install Access and the dam Help and Wizards without uninstalling everything else?
    Thanks again.

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    Re: Reinstall question (Access 97)

    DO NOT continue. The message means what it says. If you uncheck programs in the setup, it will uninstall those programs while reinstalling Access. Leave the programs you want to keep checked. It won't hurt them.

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