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    Removing workgroups (2000)

    I am trying to use an older Access database that was set up using workgroups to give access permissions to the database. We have several users who need to use this database but are not members of the workgroup and do not want to use the workgroup feature. My question is, how can I remove this security from the database? I have one user who is a member of the workgroup and can get into the database this way.


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    Re: Removing workgroups (2000)

    As long as it isn't completely secure, you can give Users whatever capability they need, and then create a separate system.mdw. However it isn't a very big deal to create additional user accounts (assuming the one person who can get in can do that), and not give them a password. Then they get one dialog box that they simply press ENTER and they are in. If you truly want to remove security completely, and assuming it isn't some sort of commercial product, you should be able to import all of the objects into a new database which will result in the current user being the owner of the database and all of its objects. You may also want to peruse the white paper on security for that version of Access on the MS knowledge base.

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