I have a multipage control on a form, and wish to use its .picture property to display a graphic. The main glitch is to get the multipage and the form to wrap snuggly around the picture.

What I've done so far is to pull the picture into an autosizing image box, hidden under the multipage, then set the height & width of the multi and the form to those of the image control. This is only half satisfactory for these reasons:

1. The picture is sometimes too big for the image control, so gets cropped.

2. The height of the multi and the form include the tabs, titlebar, frame etc. So far I've been accounting for these by trial & error, adding 10%, 12% etc. But I fear this may not be dependable.

I would appreciate any advice from anyone who has had experience wrapping controls around images.



AND BTW, how do I get the subject line of these messages right? The more I try to edit it, the bigger mess it becomes.