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    Bouncing message screen

    I tried to view a particular posting this morning in the hardware forum, and my screen began to bounce up and down. The image bounced, that is, and the vertical scroll button jumped up and down with it. It was as if someone had grabbed onto the scroll button and was rapidly pushing it up and down. It made it all but impossible to read. To make the screen sit still, I had to move my mouse pointer up onto the lounge toolbar--as long as the mouse was out of the message area, all was well. The same problem happened when I tied to post a reply. (How'd I do that, with the "post reply" icon bouncing up and down? Well, it was kind of like playing spank the monkey, but I did it!) The post in question:

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    Re: Bouncing message screen

    I ocassionally get that, but not at any specific web site.
    I have a 5-button wheel mouse and suspect it to be some blip in something, somewhere - possibly my clicking accidently at the wrong moment.
    I usually find clicking the wheel button within the window resolves it.

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