After creating a COM+ application (dll's), I exported a COM+ Proxy Application for installation on client pc's. The MSI file is created and installed but when I try to run the client app. I get the error message "Access Denied".

I've tried the following steps with no success;

1. Set the Authentication level to Connect or None.

2. Installed a fix from Crystal Reports for a bug in their program that may interfere with the security settings in the registry.

3. Created a Role and added all Domain Users, also put a check in the box on the security tab of each component for the option "Role explicitly set for selected items(s). Though I'm not sure if I created the Role properly.

4. Created an NT user account and added this account on the Identity Tab and selected the option "This User".

The components work when Exported from Component Services as a Server Application to be installed on each computer but not as a proxy application.

The components also work when I register them locally on the client pc's.