A friend did an upgrade to XP on top of a lot of old stuff and got a messed up computer and a non-working modem. I offered to do a clean install for her. I used the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard to get her files off the PC on to floppies before I wiped the disk and installed XP again. Computer is now fine but when I tried to get her files back on it could not read the first disk. The Transfer Wizard creates a large compressed file with a .dat suffix spread in this case across seven floppies. As it could not read the first disk the other six are unusable as well even though they may not have a fault.

I tried several shareware utilities (such as zipfix) but none of them were any use on the disks. Does anyone know of a way to recover files from the compressed form used by XP?

I would appreciate any help so that I can recover not just her files but my credibility as well.


Gerry McAllister