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    Pasting AOL Fonted IMs into Word 97 (Word 97 SBE OSR2)

    Hi, gang. I'm using older versions of AOL (5.0), Word 97 SBE OSR2 with Windows 95. I'd like to be able to paste some of my AOL-fonted emails and IMs into Word for portability's sake (since AOL's PFC is some awful compressed file format).

    If I simply copy/paste an AOL IM or email into Word, I get only ascii, not whatever fonts originally appear in AOL. When I copy and paste the IM into a 'New' AOL file, save it as a .doc file in My Documents I get the fonted copy I expect, BUT when I open the file in Word I get a Windows error message that "I have missing or damaged files" and I should run Windows setup. If I click on the error message 'OK' I can view and print (and everything else) normally. The problem doesn't apper on any other saved or newly created .doc files and Scandisk shows no damaged files.

    It appears the method I'm using is viable but I'm trying to get rid of that annoying error message. At this point I'm pretty sure I am lacking some specific HTML decoder (?) but don't know what it is -- or if that's why I'm getting the error. By the same token, if there's another method I'm 'missing' I'd sure appreciate a 'klew.' Thanks. : )

    Joe C.

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    Re: Pasting AOL Fonted IMs into Word 97 (Word 97 SBE OSR2)

    One thing is that you need a copy the each of these fonts installed on your machine unless they are embedded into the document.

    Now running HP Pavilion a6528p, with Win7 64 Bit OS.

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