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    OL2000 - OLE error (2000)

    I've really screwed my system up, it seems. I'm running WIN 98 and MS OFFICE 2000 on a Dell Inspiron 5000 notebook -- 750 MHz, 256K ram, PC-cillin antivirus. Recently upgraded Internet Explorer from 5.5 sp2 to IE 6 because of a virus attack on my SOHO network.
    I never could get IE 6.026 to shut down properly and I thought it might be causing other problems on my system, so today I uninstalled it and reverted to the previous configuration. Now I can't open Outlook 2000 -- the screen comes up and I get an error box which says, "An OLE registration error occurred. The program is not correctly installed. Run Setup again for the program." When I click on OK, the screen shuts down.
    I've (1) repaired MS Office, (2) uninstalled MS Office 2000 and reinstalled it completely, (3) tried again to repair MS Office, rebooted my system numerous times -- always turning off the antivirus before doing a repair, uninstall, install, etc.
    Still get the same error messge when I open MS Outlook 2000.
    Any ideas??? I'm at my wits end with all this mess I've apparently created. At the same time, I've been trying to get up on a new cable internet connection and am having an awful time keeping a steady connection. Tech support has been out twice and hasn't been able to determine any problem in the connections, the cables, the cable modem. So, the next thing is the computer itself (and I'm wondering about IE 6 and whether that version or the PC-cillin program have spooked something).
    Any suggestions gratefully entertained. Thanks.

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    Re: OL2000 - OLE error (2000)

    After two frustrating hours of repairing, searching the MS KB, rebooting, etc etc -- I think it's fixed.
    First, I found that Outlook Express was not properly installed, so did that via Control Panel, Add/Remove, Windows Setup, check Outlook Express, OK, OK, reboot.
    Then, OL 2000 wouldn't open and the message was "invalid page fault at module Mso9.dll". Finally found that answer in MS KB Q241817 (the link to that article from a search on Mso9.dll is broken, but if one searches directly for the article, it comes up -- typical MS problem!!).
    Just wanted to share the good news. Thanks. <img src=/S/exclamation.gif border=0 alt=exclamation width=15 height=15>

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