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    CDRW - files not seen

    Whenever I put a CDRW disc in my rewiter the files are not shown. I can copy files to discs and read then from my normal cd drive. Also when I use discs that have been formatted wit Nero ICD XP does not recognise it as a CDRW disc.

    Are there any sttings I need to change and is there a wipe facility to completly erase a disc?



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    Re: CDRW - files not seen

    Windows XP uses Roxio-based UDF reader to read files on CD-RW. If your UDF reader was not upgraded to v.5, you can not see files created under DirectCD v.5 (you can see ones created by v.4 and earlier only). Upgrade UDF Reader to v.5 or install Roxio DirectCD (part of Easy CD Creator) v.5 and later.

    If your CD-RW was formatted under Nero and you use mostly this format, install Nero Burning Rom v.5 and later. There were some messages that these two programs (Nero and Roxio) can not coexist peacefully on one machine.

    Each program (Nero Burning Rom and Roxio Easy CD Creator) has utility to format and erase CD-RWs.

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