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    Identies and Address Book(s)

    I use Identities a lot and love them. I thought you got a copy of the address book from the default identity when you set up a new one and had a separate address book from there.

    I recently deleted the addressed from a new identity and when I went back to the default it's addresses were gone.

    Can I have separate address books for each identity?


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    Re: Identies and Address Book(s)

    I would imagine that all the addresses were stored in the "shared contacts" folder of the address book, instead of the folder for that identity. You could check this in future by opening the address book (command prompt wab /a, or start-accessories-addressbook) and showing all contents from the file menu (you may also need to select show folders and groups from the view menu).

    I don't think it's possible to have different address books. Have you checked out this useful OE site -

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