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    Macro storage error (Word 97 SR2, NT 4)

    On SOME PCs trying to open theVB editor (in Word 97 only i.e. Excel 97 OK ) launches a dialog box with the error "Could not open macro storage". Once in the VBE you do not see a reference for "Document 1", or any other for that matter, just NORMAL.
    The error dialog only opens when you try to go into the VBE or you try to run a file with contained macros - which is pro0blem if your are trying to deploy a template with macros.
    Current desktop environment is NT 4 under Novell Netware 5 if thats relevant.
    Anyone struck this before?

    any feedback appreciated.


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    Re: Macro storage error (Word 97 SR2, NT 4)

    I get this error when running a macro that makes reference to a DLL or type library that does not exist on the new machine. I'm not sure whether this applies to your situation, but in the VB editor, you could open Tools, References and look for one that says MISSING or something to that effect. You might also need to repair some VBE files.

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    Re: Macro storage error (Word 97 SR2, NT 4)

    On the users pcs - with the error message appearing
    the users have the wrong version of a visual basic editor dll.
    We were getting this error message the other day when we were setting up a brand new laptop(latest model dell) for user.

    to resolve:
    1.Open up word/excel -applicaiton
    2. run code - error message will appear.
    ( this will create a temp folder file VBEmsforms.exd
    note the location.
    3. exit out of application
    4. do a search for file mxforms so you know location
    5. on a pc thats working copy the file msforms.exd to users pc not working
    to the temp location eg C:TempVBEmsforms.exd
    6. start application again & run code - this should work.

    Microsoft Knowledge base - Q162053;en-us;Q162053

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