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    DSL & a failing computer

    I have Verizon DSL through a GT784WNV modem/router.

    My home network consists of a Windows XP desktop and W10 desktop that are both connected via Ethernet cables as well as a Vista laptop and a W10 laptop that are connected via wireless.

    The XP desktop, unknown to me, has been in the process of failing over the past several months and it finally failed over the weekend - the problem is that the mounting points for the clips that hold the heat sink against the CPU failed and the CPU overheats - during the rundown to final failure, I notice more fan noise from the unit.

    With all the being said, I was having recurring difficulties with DNS failure as well as losing the Internet light on my modem/router. Now that the XP machine has been out of the Network attending a repair facility, I have not seen any of the issues with the modem/router that I was seeing with the XP machine on the Network.

    Is what I am seeing just 'luck of the draw' or could the actions of one computer in the Network affect the operation of the modem/router for all the others that are connected through it?

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    The DSL connection (light on the router) is unlikely to be influenced by things on your side of the network, but you can never be sure. Fingers crossed.

    cheers, Paul

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    It's possible for more than one computer component and/or device to go out at almost the same time. If the modem/router came with some diagnostics utilities, if you can locate them, run them and report back the results if you want. Somebody here should know much more than I do about DSL modem/routers.
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    It's possible that the XP machine was running some bad software or malware, causing an excess of external connections to flood the router. (In bad cases, the flooding can continue for hours after the suspect machine has been disconnected or turned off; on xDSL, this would need router downtime (30+ minutes) to hopefully drop the affected IP and get a fresh IP on reconnect.)

    I suggest you prepare some good XP compatible anti-malware updated on a USB thumb drive ready to check the machine before it's reconnected to the network. Also check auto-running software, in case it's something legit but corrupt or badly configured.

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