I have a combo box that has the advanced property name - cbolist1. This will display the table that containes all our contact names. I can right now display the entire talbe (about 2000 names) inthe box and select (highlight) either one or several at the same time.

Once I select all the names I need how can i save the selected names into a different field in Access 97?
I guess I will need a command button that will somehow do a save. Anyone have any ideas?

'Area Code 22
'Retrieve Category info from table
Set rstlist1 = db.OpenRecordset("Areas")
Set ctl = Item.GetInspector.ModifiedFormPages("Message").Con trols("cbolist1")
'The above is the name of the form and not the name of the tab
ctl.ColumnCount = 1
ctl.ColumnWidths = "6; 6pt" '50; 120 pt

'Assign Access data to an array of 2 columns and 2000 rows
CategoryArray(99, 1) = rstlist1.GetRows(2000)
ctl.Column() = CategoryArray(99, 1)