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    Kernel32 infection

    I recently received the Badtrans virus/worm. I had procrastinated installing my new Norton 2002 protection, so I had infected files. 2002 found and fixed most of my problems, but could not fix Kernel32.exe and another file. I found a fix online at Norton and activated it - it removed the files that were infected. I have since gotten error messages that Kernel32.exe cannot be found, which, of course, led me to search for the program at Microsoft. Could not find, and only found kernel32.dll on the XP Installation CD. I copied the .dll file, but do I need the .exe file as well? if so, any idea as to where it is? If not, is it because the .exe file is a virus converted .dll file.

    Can anyone give me some direction, here? Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Re: Kernel32 infection

    Well, kernel32.exe is a non-existent file in a good Windows NT/2000/XP install. The kernel is actually a file named NTOSKRNL.EXE. If you are getting errors that refer to this file not being found, I would suspect that you have an INI or registry entry that is trying to load the virus that has been removed - BADTRANS copies itself to KERNEL32.EXE in the Windows system directory.

    What you need to do is to check the startup entries in the registry and make sure any references to KERNEL32.EXE are nuked. The easiest way is to run the MSCONFIG utility at the Start -- Run prompt and clear any references on the startup tab.

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