I recently installed Access 2002 on my home PC. I have several copies of databases that I created at work in Access 2000. These ALWAYS worked at home - no login prompts, no problems at all. Now, I get a message stating that "the creator of this database has locked this database".

I have read many of the papers on security and have a basic understanding of the MDW file. But if I could just throw those databases on floppies and open them at home without bringing in the mdw file from the other pc (at work) and it all worked fine, why are they locked down now?

My bigger fear is that if we go to Access 2002 at work, these databases will be locked (although they do have separate mdw files and links that reference these at startup.) Checking Admin user is a user with rights, although not the owner. Shouldn't I at least be able to open this database?

I am going to try to bring the mdw files home and point to them.