I have recently run into a wierd problem with my wife's computer. On occasion she complains that she can't get Outlook to start up. I then give it the old Ctrl-Alt-Del and find an instance of Outlook running although there is no indication of such on the task bar. I terminate the Outlook task, and the system immediately pops up an Oulook screen and shows perhaps six or so other instances of Outlook on the task bar. I close down all of these instances, and it returns to normal.

This one really has me foxed, and it only appeared lately. Until then everything ran normally, and I haven't made any changes to her system (installed any new software or updates, etc.) so I don't know what in the world would cause this type of problem. Of course, I don't always know exactly what the wife has been doing prior to having this problem crop up. She claims that she is doing nothing out of her ordinary routine.

Any suggestions would be very welcome.