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    Date Functions Don't Work (Access 2000)

    Several date functions have inconsistently stopped working in a database that I'm working on. This includes Date and Workday. The Now function returns only the time, not the date.

    The error messages include the following text: Function is not available in expressions in query expression....
    On a report, the Now function returns the #Name thing.

    I have worked on this database at work, where we have Windows 2000, and at home where I have Windows XP. I am using Access 2000 on both computers. These functions work fine at home (the WinXP computer) but not at work. Date functions in other databases on my work computer are working fine (but I've never worked on them on the WinXP computer).

    Any suggestions on repairing this problem? Thanks! (in case you can't tell...I'm a novice here.)

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    Re: Date Functions Don't Work (Access 2000)

    Sounds like a reference problem - the database can't find the library in the same place on your work computer that the db finds on your home PC. On the work computer open a module in design mode. From the tools menu select "references". Look for any entries that start with "Missing". They may be installed in different locations in the 2 different operating systems.

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