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    CMOS settings changed

    After installing the windows 98 SE upgrade to my windows 98 system, when I try to go into my CMOS settings it asks for a password. I never set a password before. Also hitting any key puts an "X" next to the password and reboots the system.
    Any suggestions on how to handle this problem.
    Also, the whole systems takes about 4 times as long to boot up. I suspect a rat in the system somewhere but the upgrade disk had very few instructions with it.

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    Re: CMOS settings changed

    I think it would be a good start to find out how to clear the CMOS - typicaly a jumper setting on the mainboard - and see if that clears it up. You might also consider replacing the CMOS battery. I've yet to have a Windows installation muck up the CMOS but that doesn't mean it can't happen, I think it more likely that it's coincidence.

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