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    Outlook slows Word, Excel and IE


    When Outlook is open, IE, Word and Excel are slow (~3 secs) to load and slow (~2 secs) to open a file.

    When Outlook is not open these programs load and open files so quickly I can't time it.

    Have had this problem under NT4 Workstation (up to SP4) with Office 97 (up to SR-1) and under W2KP (up to SP1) with Office 2000 (up to SR-1).

    This is on a standalone system (no Domain, no Exchange). Hardware has been 64 -> 256MB, CPU PII-333 -> Athlon 850, disk 10K RPM SCSI, 80 -> 160 MB/s.

    Any ideas? I've kept an eye out for an answer for years but found nothing. As I always like to have Outlook open it's a significant annoyance.


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    Re: Outlook slows Word, Excel and IE

    is journaling turned on? lookin the journal fodler and see if it's full of files

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    Re: Outlook slows Word, Excel and IE

    Thanks, Mary

    No, it's not. The Journal folder is empty except for a couple of Entry Type buttons. And ToolsOptions PreferencesJournal Options shows all the items and files boxes unticked. A few of the Contacts were checked (now unchecked).

    The behaviour is intermittent. Just now Explorer and Word are loading and opening a file as quickly with Outlook running as when it's not.

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