I'm using an evalution copy of WS_FTP Pro 7.0 to upload and download files from a UNIX server.

I downloaded an evaluation version of WS_FTP Pro 7.0 to see if I could successfully change file permissions on files I am uploading. The reason I am having to do this is that the file permissions on any file I upload are always -rw-r-----. I want them to always be -rwxrwxr-x. Is there any way to set this as the default?

If not, I know I can supposedly use the CHMOD command. However when I try that, it doesn't work. I've included the following lines from my log:

site chmod 755 /(Path & File name)
502 SITE command not implemented.

I have a copy of Exceed through which I was able to successfully change permissions using the same line above WITHOUT the word "site". I'm not sure of the significance of the word in the command, if it is necessary, or if there is a way within the application to get it to stop adding that word. While I have Exceed, most of my coworkers do not, so we would like to find a way to change these permissions from within WS_FTP.

Any suggestions on either of the above will be appreciated!! Any information on the "site" command in general would be appreciated.