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    Loud sound with left mouse click

    I have had a pretty consistent sound on left clicking the mouse that comes through my speakers
    that sounds like a hand clap. I had it with ME and I have it with XP. I suspect the solution is
    by tweaking Control Panel>Sounds and Audio Devices>Sounds Tab but I don't know the
    meaning of all the items on that menu and I want to surgically take out the annoying clap
    or snap without disabling all the other sounds including the delightful music when Windows
    boots up and shuts down. The loud clap also occurs when a menu slides out after a mouseover
    (like the control panel menu after you mouse over Control Panel on the Start menu.
    I wonder if anyone else has been annoyed by this and thanks in advance for any solution.
    I have also had from time to time although not lately a rhythmic clicking noise coming through
    the speakers. When I got the computer sound stream was also interrupted by that was quickly
    fixed by setting to four speakers (it had defaulted to a two speaker setting). Aside from the
    Sound tab I have been all over the Voyeta Turtle Beach Sound Card settings, and checked device
    drivers properties and all the settings in the neighborhood of the advanced tabs and nothing is
    amiss there.


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    Re: Loud sound with left mouse click

    Cross-posted in the <A target="_blank" HREF= w=collapsed&sb=5&o=0&fpart=>XP Forum</A>

    All replies there please!

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