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    Access Field Size

    I am using Access 97 SR-2. Suddenly I've developed a new problem. I can no longer make a field size larger OR smaller once created. I CAN add NEW fields and make them any size I choose. But if I try to make a field size smaller I get a warning that data may be lost, which is fine with me for the particular field I want to be smaller. But when I click OK to save the change, I can see by the indicator bar at the bottom that is starts to work but half way through the blue bar stops and I get an error message saying "Access has attempted an illegal operation and will shut down" which it does by crashing. I can reopen and everything seems to be fine. The same thing happens when I try to make the field size larger. I would greatly appreciate any help anyone can give me. Thank You.

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    Re: Access Field Size

    Create a identical table but alter field to new required size and do an append query to move your data to the new table. Then if OK rename new table to overwrite orignal.

    Have you tried repairing your database?

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    Re: Access Field Size

    Having never used the "append query" method I hesitated in doing so. But your last suggestion of repairing the database stopped the crash but I got a different message that the record was too large. So I compacted the database and all is well now. This is the first time I ever used the WOPR Lounge and I am thrilled at the result. I hope that I can return the favor to you or someone in the future. This is a great service! Simple to use, quick response, and a joy to use. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

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