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    Scrambled hyperlinks on action buttons (PP 97 SR-2)

    We created a "Who wants to be a millionaire" quiz using action buttons to move the user from slide to slide based on their choice of four responses. When we opened the file after several months of non-use, the hyperlinks were scrabled (pointed to the wrong slides). We corrected the links and saved the file yesterday - but when opening the file today, the links are scrambled again. We copied the slides to a new presentation, but it still didn't work. We created a new .ppt with action buttons that appear to work. Is our file corrupted? Can it be repaired or the problem be fixed without retyping the whole thing? (100+ slides)

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    Re: Scrambled hyperlinks on action buttons (PP 97 SR-2)

    With lots of hyperlinks, you can easily exceed PP97's fixed & small area for hyperlink info. Usually this results in scrambled links. The obvious solution is to remove some links, but probably not what you want to do in this case. The other solution is to make your keywords as short as possible, thus decreasing the amount of space to store the link. I think that you can see the amount of space that you are using somewhere in doc properties, so you can monitor your efforts. Also, just out of curiosity, do you have fast-saves enabled? If so, turn it off: it is the quickest route to a corrupted file. HTH --Sam
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