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    Adding Unique, Unchangeable Slide Numbers to PowerPoint

    Hello all. I did a search and did not find anything for this, so please don't jump on me for my poor search technique.

    My company is about to launch a large training project, and we will have several hundred PPT slides. I want us to create a template that will generate unique slide numbers every time a slide is created, and display the slide number when the trainer is presenting. We want to do this so that users can name a slide when they have a question, and we can then run analytics on the slides to see where we need to shore up the content. Since the trainers will be picking sets of slides from a common area and making their own presentations, we need these numbers to be unique and to stay unique, no matter what PPT they are in. Furthermore, we will be instructing all trainers to use our that if they create slides on their own, the slide ID will be created automatically.

    I looked up the SlideID property in PPT, and find it might work for us...but I see no way for it to be displayed on a slide being presented.

    Does anyone have an idea of how we can create unique slide numbers that will stay with the slide, no matter what PPT presentation it is used with?
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