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    Quote Originally Posted by Nathan Parker View Post
    It seems if you use non-Microsoft hardware, you get a better Windows experience (with the exception of Dell)
    I had a great experience with an Alienware laptop I got some years ago. Used it as a Win7 desktop replacement during a traveling phase.

    That said, my GF bought a new Alienware desktop [the one in my sig] with Win10 earlier this year, and had nothing but grief. I swapped her my old self-build, and was able to get the Aurora going well—I'm quite happy with it now. However, the physical build is a disaster for anyone who wants to do some fiddling inside, unworthy of the Alienware name imo.

    Quote Originally Posted by mrjimphelps View Post
    I wonder if the cause of many of the Windows 10 complaints is that it simply isn't set up correctly?
    Could be, Jim—that certainly was the case with the Aurora I mentioned above. I formatted it [thereby getting rid of all the Dell crapware] and did Win10 from scratch and it's been fine since. It may be that box vendors didn't/don't have enough learning experience with Win10 yet, which should improve over time.

    Office is a lot slower now. Anytime you save something, it seems to go through more steps
    Are you on the latest Win10 and 2016 versions? I had a significant slowness problem in 2016 maybe a year ago, but nowadays it's only marginally slower than under Win7. I'll trade a half-second for better reliability and security, assuming that's the cause.

    if you have two windows open, you can no longer click and work in another window; you first have to click, wait a second, then click again, to start working in another window. (The two windows are in two different monitors; not sure if that has something to do with it.)
    I use 2 monitors all the time when working Office, and haven't had your experience. Whether it's 2 XLS, Word + XLS, Access + XLS, all works fine. I have no idea what setting might cause your problem, though—suggest you post in the Office forum.
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    Lugh: We have LOTS of policies set on our network at my job. Based on what you have said, I'm guessing that the multitude of policies are causing at least some of these issues. Also, perhaps those setting the policies don't fully understand Windows 10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nathan Parker View Post
    ...It seems if you use non-Microsoft hardware, you get a better Windows experience (with the exception of Dell)...
    Many of the customers' Win10 systems I mentioned in my #13 post were stuck on a "Version 1607" (from <> first half of 2016) build of Win10, while some were stuck on "Version 1703" (from <> second half of 2016). I use two 16GB USB Thumdrives set up using the Media Creation Tool (updated <> each month).

    Version 1709 doesn't seem to suffer from the update problem; the problem seems to have been fixed in the later Version 1703 builds.
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    Overall MS Office didn’t feel too slow to me (although Outlook would occasionally hang). Windows 10 in general wasn’t too much of the issue as I adapted decently to it, but my two main kickers that prohibited me from continuing to use my Surface Book were: 1. The Sleep of Death Firmware issue which never resolved for me, and while I tried workarounds, when the workarounds didn’t work, that’s when I had enough and 2. The frequency of Windows Updates and the fact they were breaking drivers on the Surface Book even though Microsoft supplied the drivers (I always stuck with Microsoft’s own drivers). The fact that Microsoft couldn’t get the hardware/firmware/software/drivers integration act together on their own systems sealed it for me that Microsoft isn’t ready for hardware (and instead of trying another PC brand, it turned out to be simpler and more cost effective for me to move back to Mac).
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