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I'm the guy who loads Word from a DOS Batch file. Remember that whenever I say "I reloaded Word" I mean that the batch file also copied a secure version of (it's not even named with a DOT extension!) over the existing before invoking WinWord.exe, so no matter what I do to my, it doesn't stick from one session to the next.

Imagine, therefore, my surprise when I loaded Word and opened the template on which I am working, and saw a Toolbar Macro recorded in during the previous session.

I beieve it's caused by a lack of communication within Word. Here's how you ought to be able to duplicate it:

Create a new template.
Elect to record a macro to the toolbar:
(Tools, Macro, Record new macro, note that your macro will be stored in
Click on the icon that reads "Toolbar".
Note that your macro will now be stored in your new Template1, not in as you were thinking just before you blinked.

At this point, you see, in a regular document, I'm accustomed to dragging the Normal.NewMacros.Macro1 up to my standard toolbar and then using it as an on-the-fly macro, confident that the next time I load Word, my changes will be lost, and I'll see my old familiar Standard toolbar.

But no! Although the macro was stored in (and has ceased to exist!), the toolbar icon was stored in the "Standard" toolbar of my template, and there it remains, impotent.