If these:

<font face="Georgia">Georgia</font face=georgia>
<font face="BrushScript BT">BrushScript BT</font face=brush>
<font face="EraserDust">EraserDust</font face=dust>
<font face="Snap ITC">Snap ITC</font face=snap>
<font face="Script MT Bold">Script MT Bold</font face=script>

don't look like this:

<IMG SRC=http://wopr.com/w3timages/fonts.gif>

and you'd like them to, you need to install these fonts.

You can use these tags:

<IMG SRC=http://wopr.com/w3timages/fonttags.gif>

or click the buttons in the 1-click TagPanel.

If you have any free fonts that you'd like to use here, please upload them so they can be made available to everybody.