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    While installing Windows XP, g

    While installing Windows XP, got the following error message:

    The upgrade pack DVD Movie Player failed in Initialise 9X with error code
    998. Setup cannot process this pack.

    I searched the KB but now joy.

    Any remedy?

    Suresh Gokhale
    Pune, India

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    Re: While installing Windows XP, g

    On which zone your DVD-ROM Drive set and which local zone settings you choose on Windows XP during installation?

    As part of the Copyright Protection scheme used for DVD, six worldwide regions have been set up by the DVD Consortium. Discs are playable on DVD devices in some or all of the regions according to regional codes set by the creators of the content. Microsoft will provide software that responds to the regionalization codes as required by the DVD Consortium and as part of the decryption licenses.

    For information about DVD zones:
    <A target="_blank" HREF=></A>

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