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    Using StyleRef field across multiple documents (2000)

    A quick search of the Word forum didn't yield an answer to my question, so...

    I want to use the StyleRef field to pick up a document title. The document is made up of multiple Word files. The documet title only appears in the first file (document front matter). Is there a way for the other files to pick up the document title style in the first file?


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    Re: Using StyleRef field across multiple documents (2000)

    No, but it is possible for other documents to pick up:
    1) bookmarked text in another file, and/or
    2) the Title property of another file (harder)

    The first is done using the IncludeText field. The second method involves adding a .dll to every computer using it, adding a reference to that .dll and substantial vba coding. For the purpose you are describing, even if I wanted to use the title property, I would use a DOCPROPERTY field in the document to display it, lock the field, and put it in a bookmark.

    Remember that bookmarks are fragile; they are easily destroyed by typing text within them. If possible, put a space before and after the text that might be edited within the bookmark.
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