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    Font Weight / Color under Program Control? (Outlook 2K)

    Hi Folks,

    A perusal of this board indicates lots of talent here! Can one of you kind folks illuminate me on how to change font, weight, color, etc on a string of text in the .Body property of an a MAILITEM? That is, I can successfully create the MAILITEM with VBA and fill in it's .Body with the ASCII text I want (not HTML). Then, I can't understand the on-line help. It says .Font and .Weight are properties of LABEL objects, so I create one but STILL can't set these properties for it. The LABEL must belong to a PANE object? The main PANE object is called MESSAGE (?) for a MAILITEM with the default inspector. Here I get pretty confused... Can someone help unsnarl me?

    Thanks In Advance!
    - DB

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    Re: Font Weight / Color under Program Control? (Outlook 2K)

    The .Body is pretty much a big blob, and you can't directly address individual parts of the .Body string to format them. I think HTML messaage bodies work differently because they have the DOM (document object model) through which you can, at least in theory, define a span of text and apply a style to it. It's beyond my experience whether or how that really works in Outlook. Hope you find a more helpful answer.

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