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    Locked graphics (2000)


    We construct combined files out of inserted source files using the Insert > File method. These source files include graphics that are inserted using the Insert and Link method.

    When we insert the source files that include the inserted graphics, the graphics often don't show up in the combined file. A picture placeholder shows up instead. We've tried using the Locked and "Save picture in document" features in the Edit > Links dialog box in the source file, but that hasn't helped.

    I should mention that the graphic link path in the source file is a relative path that isn't applicable in the combined file. But despite our attempts to save the picture in the source file without making it a permanent part of the file, the combined file seems to keep trying to update this graphic link, resulting in the picture placeholder.

    Any ideas what could be going wrong?


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    Re: Locked graphics (2000)

    Hi Bob:
    If I understand what you're doing--inserting a file that contains a relative link to a graphic into another file--there is no picture to save with the file. I suspect that the only time it works is when the relative path works in the new "combined" file because it's in the same folder.

    e.g. if the picture is called "graphic1.wmf", & is in C:Program FilesMicrospft OfficeClipartgraphic1.wmf, then having a path that says:


    will only show the picture if your document is in the clipart folder (unlikely).

    What you need to do is use the entire path with DOUBLEBACKSLASHES between the folder names. i.e.

    { INCLUDEPICTURE "C:Program FilesMicrospft OfficeClipartgraphic1.wmf" }

    In addition, any computer displaying the document must have access to that path. A link is nothing more than a pointer--if the path is wrong or inadequate, you get a picture placeholder. If you are sending these documents to people who will not have access to the source, you need to either send a separate source file (picture) to them or embed the picture.

    Hope this helps.

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